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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Greatest Lacrosse Save Ever?

Throw back... tuesday?

If you didn't see it on The Lacrosse Network or read about it on BroBible, check out this video of "possibly the greatest lacrosse save ever."

Division III Whittier College's (Whittier, CA) goalie Robert Bazlen makes an incredible diving save during a game against Chapman University (Orange, CA)!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Medicine Ball Resistance Training

In the past, the off-season for middle and high school athletes was consumed by cross training through other sports. Today, however, there are more sport-specific athletes. Therefore, the off-season has athletes focusing on strength and conditioning.  Therefore, it is important to include sport-specific exercises in addition to sports-generic squats and bench press.

An article published in the Strength and Conditioning Journal in 2010 praises the benefits of medicine ball training specifically for rotational power sports, such as lacrosse.

It explains that medicine balls are especially helpful because they allow a closer mimic of sports specific ranges of motion. This is important for rotational sports because the athlete must attain a maximum angular motion while still maintaining accuracy, such as while shooting or passing.

Suggested medicine ball workouts include:
For further information, read the full article

Earp, Jacob E MA, CSCS1; Kraemer, William J PhD, CSCS*D, FNSCA2 (2010). "Medicine Ball Training Implications for Rotational Power Sports." Strength and Conditioning Journal. 32, 4 (20-25). 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

2013 M|11 Summer Lacrosse Camps


Sign up for the last two M|11 Miller Lacrosse camps this summer! Elevate your technical and tactical game skills with coaching by professional and NCAA players

Boys Future Stars: Grades 3-6
Boys High School Varsity Prep: Grades 7-9
Girls Future Stars: Grades 3-6
Girls High School Varsity Prep: Grades 7-9